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How much does a deck increase home value

Decking a new home or replacing an older deck can be one of the most expensive investments you make when renovating, but the cost of a new deck is only half the story. What about the effect it’ll have on your home’s value? Calculate it with the calculator above quickly and effectively. We take 7% depreciation because that is what our member carpenters have voted as a tradeoff between wooden and composite decking which are the 2 most common decks today.

Do note that you have to input the current estimated value of your deck. So if wood prices have gone up, you used something premium like teak, and your deck is in impeccable condition yet 10 years old, it may have actually increased in value instead! So there is no hard and fast rule. You can always shoot us a question by writing to us and we will be happy to reply after finding the value for you.

Points to remember about deck value calculator:

  1. Premium wooden decks actually appreciate in value if well maintained
  2. Composite decks depreciate over the years but still hold value if maintained well.
  3. Decks usually last 10-25 years depending upon what they are made of and how you care for them
  4. Decks almost always add value to your home and offer a lot of utility, especially to mobile homes where built up space is at a premium
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