Who we are

Homepaint.org starts as an informational site for everything related to home finishes, outdoors, indoors and related activity. We are in process of expanding our limited members and call the grouping “The international freelance home painters guild”. This is because we are misrepresented in this wide world. Companies that perform paint and maintainance are aplenty but individual contractors, solo bread earners in this industry need a representation. Do contact us if you want to be a member and we will write back to you. We want to help each other improve our skills, find new work and help spread awareness about house painting projects, even encourage DIY so people appreciate the job we do.

Most contributors at our site are from computer and freelance technology field who have decided to help us with our endeavour and here they are :

Jose Rodriguez

Jose is our lead editor at homepaint.org. In real life he is also a full time A.M at a Publishing agency in New Mexico. You can find him drooling over home improvement upgrades when he is not out for a taco!

Sreechandra Kumar

Sreechandra Kumar or simply Sree is out computer guy! He maintains the IT things and deploys the articles, manages images/videos and prepares presentations. He loves gaming and Travel!

Henry E Matthew

Henry takes care of the Interviews, polls, surveys, PR and other people things. He is also a full time civil engineer. He talks to the pros out there and gets the data for the site. He loves horse riding and lives in south whales.

Alex Buchanon

Alex is the lead writer and compiles all the ideas, data and media into articles you read along with Brad. He is a Technical outreach associate with a leading tech firm as full time. He loves reading!

Bradley Schmidt

Brad (as we call him) Deploys the articles sitewide and works along with Mr. B. Yadav, who deployed this site initially and came up with the idea. Together they manage and look after the organization as a whole.


We thank all of you for helping our readers share with our experiences and guides. Do drop us your questions, suggestions or complains if you have any, we will be glad to assist.


The international freelance home painters guild.

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